~i miss you more than i should, my heart breaks more everyday~


~as we stepped off that ship, i should have kissed your lips~

~i’m sorry that i’m not what you needed, nor what you wanted~

~if only you missed me, as much as i am missing you~

~i hate that you aren’t here, beside me, holding me, kissing me~

~i wish my nights weren’t spent thinking about you, dreaming about you~



~i knew we had loved before, throughout many lifetimes before this one~

~i’d only eyes for you and never noticed the world crumbling down~

~i loved you for a moment; i would have for a lifetime~

~to fill the void you left, i almost drank myself to death~



~i wish my nights were spent with you by my side instead~

~it was as if you spoke a language only we could understand~




please note the photographs are not mine-i do not know who created each one though so am unable to give credit. if you know the artists/photographers, let me know please x


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