I travel domestically quite often, especially over the past three years where it has quite simply become a way of life-booking flights, early morning starts, late night flights, airports and of course, packing the most important items so as to not get bored even on those 2-hour flights.

So, what do I pack in my carry-on luggage?


*Not my photo*-Image Source: Pavlyn

My airline tickets

This is a given. This is self-explanatory. This isn’t always a must because you can simply print them out when you get to the airport these days-but I still pack them, just in case.

A novel

In case I get bored or just feel like distracting myself from turbulence or the possibility of crying babies. Seriously, novels work wonders for distractions, especially if you get a bit nervous on flights-however, make sure you’re well invested in the book or else it’s harder to use it as a distraction from what’s going on around you.

A pen and a crossword/puzzle book of some kind

Not long ago it became a habit for mum and I, when flying together, to purchase a crossword or find-a-word book at the airport newsagent so as we could see how many puzzles we could complete before the plane landed at our destination. Another rad distraction if you get a bit nervous on flights!

My phone and earphones

Obviously. I always make sure I download some podcasts before boarding just for something to listen too (I get real bored of the same music, real quick). My fave podcasts are those by Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdez’s ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ series!

My purse

Again, for obvious reasons. I always make sure I have my license, a credit card and some cash too, in case of an emergency’s.

A jumper

I always get super cold on flights, so a jumper (or a scarf!) is always handy to have in your carry-on.

Rescue Remedy

Sometimes I tend to not pack this, but I like to have it with me, just in case I get a bit of anxiety on those more rough or turbulent flights. I can be quite a nervous flier (I’ll speak about this in an upcoming post!) so it’s always calming to have some rescue remedy spray close to me.


I always, always, always pack my camera in carry-on. It makes the bag a little heavier, but It’s worth it because a) you don’t want it to get damaged in your underneath luggage and b) if you’re travelling to a new destination, you might want to take pictures as soon as you land!


Seriously, do I even need to explain this? Probably not, so I’ll just say that I pack these in my hand luggage just in case my underneath luggage goes missing for hours or a day..


Some other things that you might want to include are: Sunglasses, a hat, socks (feet get cold too!), moisturiser, a neck pillow and an eye mask!


Going overseas? Don’t forget your passport and other important letters (medical or otherwise) that you’re going to need before you board or when you land!


These are about the only things I pack in my carry-on! Simple, not too much stuff that isn’t going to get used or that’s going to get in the way, and it’ll all keep me busy until my flight lands!


What are some things you pack in your carry-on? Let me know in the comments below!


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