It’s officially 5 days until I embark on my first ever overseas adventure (at the time of writing this, approximately 3 days at the time of publication) and there is still so much to do! In fact, these next 5 days are going to be some of my most important days as I take on those last minute, and sometimes niggling tasks, that I have to finish before I hop on that cruise ship this weekend.



Complete all essays

I’m not joking when I say this. Seriously, even if you have an essay due days after you arrive home from your trip, do not risk it! Look at it this way, would you rather go away and have a great time and then come home and complete an essay? Or would you rather go away and have an incredible time and come home and catch up with your friends and family and tell them all about your adventures, with no deadlines for essays haunting you. Mm, that’s what I thought…



Remind your family/friends/work colleagues/uni that you won’t be available for the next *insert number here* days or weeks

This one is super important especially if your family, friends, colleagues etc. won’t be able to contact you while you are travelling for any reason whether that be because you will be on a cruise ship, or because you’ll be on an aeroplane with no wi-fi or mobile service. It’s also super important if you are at Uni and your tutorial or lecture attendance counts as part of your grade- you don’t want to be marked down simply because you forgot to remind your lecturer that you’ll be sipping martini’s on the coast of New Caledonia! So, just a simple little email sent out to all of the above people reminding them that you’ll be travelling, is super considerate! If you are contactable during your adventures, be sure to say that too and give them an email, mobile number or hotel through which they can contact you (except, maybe don’t mention this to work, you don’t want to be wandering around Central Park and receiving ten emails a day from your work colleagues saying how annoying the boss is or how they know you’re away but if you could sign these few documents for them, it would be super handy….)


One of the most important steps, for so many reasons and hopefully I do not have to spell those reason out for you…During this step it is important to consider a few of the following:

  • The essentials- this includes money, chargers, camera, medication, any doctors letters you need, underwear and of course, your passport. Anything else, you can purchase while you’re away. Although if I’m being honest, you don’t really want to be spending your money on new pyjamas to wear on the ship when you could have easily packed your own, so maybe just try and pack as many things as you can remember (stay tuned for a future blog post letting you know what I pack when I travel!)
  • Pack suitable clothing- seriously, if you’re headed on a snow ski adventure to the Swiss Alps, don’t pack singlets and board shorts!? Unless of course you’re some total freak who can just handle that cold weather then by all means, pack whatever you want.
  • Keep note of your luggage weight requirements-sure on the cruise ship your luggage has no weight requirements at all, but if you have to fly to the destination from where you are boarding the ship, then remember most airlines only allow 20 kgs for luggage (or more if you want to pay a little extra).
  • Print out your health insurance-Not sure if this is a necessity but I know it’s just so much better to have your health insurance documents with you than not…
  • Passport- I know I mentioned this but it’s actually something I am terrified of forgetting and so I am mentioning it again. Seriously, travelling overseas? Do not forget your passport!


Ensure everything is ready.

This step essentially just means that maybe you should send an email or phone up your hotel and ensure that everything has been completed for your booking; make a phone call to the cruise ship company and make sure all your bookings have gone through; double check what time you have to be at the airport to board your flight. Those kind of little, niggling tasks that we really don’t want to do, but we know we should, should be completed at least a week before (if not more) your trip!



Get ready to relax!

My favourite step! Although I am yet to get into full-time holiday mode (mainly because I have three more essays to submit before I can), it is so important to leave all your worries behind! You are going on a holiday, you may fall in love, find new friends who last a lifetime and simply, have the greatest adventure of your life and you seriously do not want all this to be hindered by the fact that you’re still worrying about the fact you never lost those two extra kilos before you hopped on that plane… It’s so not worth it!


Do you have any extra tips and tasks that should or need to be handled before embarking overseas? Let me know in the comments below!


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