Initially, I was going to write this post as a July-Book Favourites but soon realised that I skipped a whole month of blogging throughout July for a particular reason so why try and re-create a post of book favourites for July, when it is clearly August… Scrap July’s favourites and let’s keep moving on!

In June, I decided that one Friday every month, I would take the time out to share four of my favourite novels that I’ve read with you guys and today, the first friday of August, I share four of my favourite novels that I should have posted in July but instead was too busy reading new novels to share these favourites (such a selfish book-reader, I know!)


1. Healing Hearts

Author? Dr. Kathy Magliato

This novel is hands down, my favourite novel I have ever come across in the past 21 years. Maybe I’m bias because it is written by Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Kathy Magliato, one of the few female heart surgeons operating in the world today-and considering I am quite familiar with the Cardiac world, I was mesmerised before I began to read the first page. I also got myself a signed copy from Dr. Magliato through her website and admittedly freaked out when it came in the mail-a cardiac surgeon saved my life, I’m allowed to fan girl over them!

So, what is this novel about? 

This novel simply follows Dr. Kathy Magliato on the trials and tribulations she’s faced as one of the few female heart surgeons in the world today. Dr. Magliato tells us stories of her patients, of the seriousness of Heart Disease and of both the wonderful and difficult times she has faced as she’s worked her way up in a field of work that is predominantly filled with men. 

Source: Book

2. The Enchanted Island

Author? Ellie O’Neill

My mum actually picked this novel out for me one day. We were in Big W over the Christmas period in a town where our Holiday house is situated and I was having trouble choosing a novel that I actually wanted to read. That was until mum simply picked up this book, told me it looked fascinating, and I just smiled and bought it, not feeling convinced that it was my style of reading. Alas, it is one of my favourite novels to date.

So, what is this novel about?

This story follows the life of main character, Maeve, as she is shipped off to the boring island of Hy Brasil to finish some paperwork for her boss. Determined to do this job for her boss and leave the Island as soon as possible, soon changes as Maeve learns of mysteries attached to the Island’s history and meets a dreamy islander who may just change her life for the good. 

Source: Book


3. Not that Kind of girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned

Author? Lena Dunham 

Ah, this book has received so much flack and if I’m being completely honest, for so long I was against Lena Dunham and disgusted with the stories I’d heard about her. Why would I ever want to read her novel?! Then, one day, I just had this feeling of wanting to check the novel out when I was in the book store and it was right before me. I took it home, I read it and in all honesty, I have a newfound respect for Lena, the woman she is and the things she stands for.

So, what is this novel about? 

A raw depiction of what it’s like to not only be Lena Dunham in this society, but to be a woman in a world that is so hell-bent on ensuring they aren’t depicted as equal. Full of humour, raw to the very last detail and heartbreaking in many ways, Lena tells us what she’s learned along the way. 

Source: Book

4. Rachel Brathen Yoga Girl

Author? Rachel Brathen

This was a novel I had wanted for so damn long! I’ve been following Rachel on Instagram for so long and her words always are just so connected to everything that is happening in my life and for that reason, when I saw that she had a novel out, I was so determined to find it somewhere. I found it when travelling, bought it and it is just an incredibly moving and powerful novel that I am so grateful exists.

So, what is this novel about? 

Part self-help, part memoir, this novel follows the Yoga instructor, Rachel Brathen, who inspires over 1 million people on Instagram every single day. It has recipes, it has yoga poses to follow, it has how she met her partner on a whim and specifically follows how she went from self-destructive teenager to inspiring yoga teacher who is quite ultimately, changing the world one yoga pose at a time. 

Source: Book


Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any of these books and what you think of them! Also, what are your favourite novels? Suggest some that I should be reading!


“Happiness is… The after-glow of finishing a novel.”




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