Last week I was invited to go to coffee with a few friends. I wasn’t busy. I was feeling alright despite being on my period (tmi I know!). I hadn’t seen these friends in quite some time, so a catch-up was definitely needed. So, why on earth did I say no to spending time with the girls when I wasn’t busy?

It was simple; I said no because in my life, myself and my health, always has to come first. Without going too far into detail, I have to divulge the fact that sometimes, I can be made to feel inferior by certain people in this friendship group.

Thus, when these friends asked to hang out, for the first time in pretty much the entirety of our friendship I was the one who said no to them. I thought I’d feel guilty, I thought I’d feel ashamed or left out but alas, I felt only one thing; a massive sigh of relief. 

Self-care hasn’t always been in my regime, but it’s something I’ve tried to incorporate into my everyday life since turning 19, two years ago. It doesn’t always happen, especially when I’m at Uni, although this is absolutely no excuse because looking after yourself should always come first, especially when you’re intensely busy. 

The unfortunate thing is, we aren’t really encouraged to take care of ourselves. Life is only happening if we are constantly busy, we have to have a job; be studying; doing some volunteer work in our spare time; spend ample time with both our family and friends; and of course we must all be in committed relationships.  Where on earth is the encouragement to take care of ourselves? I’m extremely lucky in the fact that my parents have always encouraged me to delve into a little self-care every now and then and in social work, self-care is supported and really advocated for by our lecturers and tutors. Thus, not only is this my reminder to you to incorporate self-care daily, but also to share with you some of my favourite ways to show myself some looooveee! 


1. Sometimes, you just gotta say no!

Just like I did last week, sometimes you’ve just gotta say no to plans and to people, no matter how close you are to these people! Don’t want to hang out with that particular person? Say no! Don’t want to go to that party? Say no! (Because, as Courtney Barnett states, nobody really cares if you don’t go to the party). Just feel like sitting at home watching movies or reading a good book? Then don’t go out-just say no. It’s a really liberating thing to be able to say, so please give it a go sometime. If you don’t want to do something or go somewhere or see someone then just say no. 


Photo source: Courtney Barnett

2. Sometimes, you’ve gotta just say yes!

I know, I know I’ve just told you that you should be saying no to things, blah blah blah but sometimes, the best adventures come when you just say yes! What I mean is, if someone asks you to travel somewhere, or explore a new site in your city or go swimming in the ocean and you’re hesitant-then the best thing to say is yes! How I choose between saying yes and saying no is like this: if I really don’t want to go somewhere, then I say no. However, if I’m hesitant and umming and ahhing then I say yes! For example, one of my best friends invited me on a cruise for her 21st and it was around $800 plus airfares and I don’t have a ‘normal’ job and so was super hesitant, until I realised that this is almost a once in a lifetime trip! So I pulled myself together, I said yes and now I’m going on a cruise in October (which I will most certainly be blogging about!)


3. Watch a damn sunset

This one speaks for itself, but honestly just watch a freakin’ sunset! Grab a polaroid and a picnic blanket, take photos and just live in that moment and enjoy what Mother Earth is gifting to this Universe!



4. Read your favourite book 

Reading something that isn’t Uni related is one of my favourite ways to really just, show myself some care! It allows me to delve into a totally different world, a totally different character and really experience a load of different emotions! It just takes me away. Check out some of my favourite novels from June in this blog post!


5. Paint!

Recently, painting has become one of my favourite outlets and favourite ways to once again, just escape reality.



6. Binge-watch your favourite movies/tv shows!

I’ve never been a binge-watch kind of person, but alas One Tree Hill entered my life not long ago and I have since discovered the joy that is staying up until all hours of the night to just “watch one more episode”. There’s nothing more relaxing and good for the soul then letting yourself delve into your favourite characters on the Silver screen!


7. Journal!

I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 18 and I try to put aside at least 10 minutes a day to just write down what I’ve been doing all day, how I’m feeling; and using it as a scrapbook for movie tickets, flower pressing, polaroids.


8. Have a solo dance party!

I love putting on my records, closing the door to my room and dancing around until I’m gasping for air and laughing! Not only is it fun but it’s a damn good workout! And if a good cardio workout doesn’t show your body some love, then I don’t know what will!




These aren’t the only ways to incorporate self-care into your daily regime, but these are just eight of my favourite ways to do it!  Everyone takes care of themselves in different ways, some people love a long bubble bath and some people enjoy planning their next overseas or interstate adventure and there is no right or wrong way to show yourself some love! So long as you’re taking the time out to relax, unwind and are reminding yourself that you are a bad ass being!


How do you incorporate self-care into your daily life? Let me know in the comments below!




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