During the Uni semester, it gets harder and harder as the semester goes by to stay up to date with reading for fun. Thus, this semester break I’m getting back into it and so I now spend most of my time either in book stores or reading on the floors of book stores.

To celebrate the good books, the wonderful worlds I’ve delved into because of these books, I’ve taken the advice of a lovely new friend of mine and create a “favourite books” post that will be posted one friday, every month. That’s four of my favourite novels, every month!

Psst, what are some of your favourite novels? Share them with me on twitter or instagram!


1. Sam’s Letters to Jennifer

Author? James Patterson

I read this novel for the first time last year. I got it by chance after picking it up from a stack of books at a garage sale. The couple were only selling it for $1, I’d heard good things about the way the author, James Patterson, writes and after holding the hard-back in my hand for a mere two seconds, I knew I had to take the book home with me and devour it in one read. As the rain pelted down over the next few days, I sat on my front patio and absolutely fell in love with reading again, with the way the rain hits the tin roof, with summer romances and with life. Honestly, this novel allowed me to just fall in love with absolutely everything. 

So, what is this novel about? 

Jennifer is summoned back to the town in which she grew up to look after her Grandma. Jennifer stays in her Gran’s house where she finds letters addressed to herself that will tell her a story that changes all the things she thought she knew about her grandparent’s past.

One novel, two remarkable love stories entwined. 



2. The Book Thief

Author? Markus Zusak

I saw the movie. I fell in love. So I read the book, and fell even deeper in love. I’m part German so to read this novel and (although fictional) get a sense of what went on throughout the Holocaust was such an emotional experience. Honestly, if you read just one book throughout your lifetime, please let it be this one. Markus Zusak, I applaud you and your ability to create a novel that is so touching, so tragic and so damn real.

So, what’s this novel about?

A story about many things and many people including an accordionist, a Jewish refugee, the rise of a German politician, words and one young book thief. 


3. The Timekeeper 

Author? Mitch Albom

When mum’s friend was in hospital, her dad has another novel by Mitch Albom (Tuesdays with Morrie), sitting on the window sill and oddly, I was just drawn to this author. So, when I saw this novel at the bookstore and had a read of what it was all about, I knew I was meant to read it. It’s funny how when you pick up a book that you immediately have the sense of either yes I am so meant to take this novel home or not this time little buddy, but we’ll meet again if it’s meant to be. It’s the Law of Attraction- whatever you put out into the universe, whatever you need to be sent in that moment, is exactly what the universe sends to you! Honestly, just a novel you want to read to remind yourself that time is simply a construct we have developed in order to continue our need for control.

So, what’s this novel about?

This story follows the pain and punishment that Father Time endures and receives, for all of eternity, after inventing the very first clock. 



4. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Author? Elizabeth Gilbert

I had seen this novel everywhere! Everyone was reading, everyone was saying how life-changing it was and everyone was encouraging the world to read it. Reading all these posts about the novel though, I’d never really felt compelled to find the novel and read it, until one day, I just did! This comes back to the whole Law of Attraction I mentioned before-the Universe just knows when to send to you what you need! So one day I just read it and man, everything you’ve seen about this novel, is so true! Read it. Devour it. Breathe it. Live it. But only do so when it’s right for you!

So, what’s this novel about? 

Elizabeth shares with us, her readers, her own insight into the Big Magic-the mysterious nature that surrounds inspiration.  Elizabeth encourages us to breathe in our natural pull toward being curious and let go of fear, so that we can live our most creative lives. 

Source: Henna

Alas, there are hundreds of novels that I have fallen in love with and I am so excited to begin sharing these with you, and to also learn from you, what your favourite novels are, what ones have changed your life, what ones have made you laugh and cry-or both!- and of course, what novels have just moved you in ways you never thought were possible.

“A man’s bookcase will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him.”

― Walter Mosley, The Long Fall




3 thoughts on “June-Book Favourites

  1. The Book Thief is by far one of my all-time favorite books. It is beautiful and heartbreaking. I haven’t read any of the other books on your list but I think now I will definitely have to pick them up.



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