When I was born, I came out green and the medical world was not aware that anything was wrong beneath my skin.

By day six, my Paediatrician scheduled an immediate flight for myself and my parents to go to a Brisbane Hospital because something was terribly wrong with my heart. (When I say ‘terribly wrong’, I truly mean terribly wrong).

Day six was also the day my dad told everyone that I “was screwed, there’s no way she’s coming home.”

By age six, I was already reading the newspaper every morning before school and by age eight I was already a full-blown, out of this world, perfectionist when it came to, well…just about everything.

At age 13 I was crying over the fact that I just could not, for the life of me, figure out how to work these things called, “lockers”. The whole “new school, new me” was certainly out of the window after this experience since my self-diagnosed and incredibly uncontrollable perfection took the spotlight once more.

At age 16 I was graduating a course in Assistant in Nursing and by 17 I was graduating high school, completely paralysed at the idea that now, I had to get out into the “real world.” (News flash-everyday of your life is the “real world”. Don’t let anyone try and convince you that those first 17 years are not worth anything, that they aren’t “real”).

When I was 19 I decided I no longer wanted to study psychology after 18 months and by age 20 I was opening an early acceptance letter into a brand new University for a Bachelor of Social Work Degree.

Six months before I turned 21, I was being recommended for the Social Work Honours program.

Today, I am 21 and exactly one week old and have decided to start a blog. It took me quite some time to decide upon a name for this blog (in fact, a good deal of 2015 was me creating a new wordpress blog, spending hours playing with words, before deleting the account, sulking over not being able to think of some great name idea, then repeating the cycle). Until today of course- after finishing the first draft of my final essay due this month, I read through two of my favourite blogs (Liz Crowe & Loud Like Thunder), I opened up wordpress, created an account and voila! came up with the idea of “twenty one and counting”. Simple. Seemingly sophisticated. And so, totally, me because essentially, turning 21 is something not many people ever thought I would have the opportunity to reach and alas, I am counting this opportunity and will be counting many, many more.

So, a blog has been created, one that I have dreamt about for months and months and I can only hope that I am able to document all that I get to experience in this life as I study, as I travel and especially as I try and figure out exactly what life is all about. I hope you will allow me to share my thoughts with you as I grow as a person, as a student and as a social worker.

I never know how to finish anything-blog posts, essays, journal entries, cards, so I’ll just finish with one of my favourite quotes, by one of my favourite social workers and human beings in general, that I think might sum up this first blog post, perfectly.

“…be prepared to hurt, learn and grow because life is messy and glorious and exhausting.” -Liz Crowe.


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